Shanghai 2024: Champ Fullerton, Becerra top compound qualifying

Mathias Fullerton talks to Jean Philippe Boulch during qualifying.

Mexico’s Andrea Becerra shot a career-best 713 to lead all compound women over qualifying at the season opener in Shanghai as reigning Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion Mathias Fullerton (Denmark) tied Kim Jongho (Korea) on points atop the men.

The Dane collected pole with a dominant X-count, 43 to 34.

“My confidence is through the roof,” said Mathias at the end of the round. “I’m really happy and satisfied so I’ll try to keep it going. Qualifying is just a warm-up for finals, anyway.”

Fullerton had been oozing promise before that breakout victory at the World Cup Final in Hermosillo last September. He’s been on a tear since, winning a handful of major indoor tournaments including the Vegas Shoot.

“I kind of punched through. I think I’ve changed and found a way to be better under pressure, but you also have to be lucky sometimes,” he said, before reeling off his plans for the year: “Get to the World Cup Final. Finish the year as world number one.”

After rain during the morning’s open practice session at Yuanshen Stadium, conditions cleared for compound qualifying in the afternoon. The tricky stadium bowl provided just enough drift to prevent monster scores on the compound men’s line, though half of the 74-strong field broke 700.

Andrea Becerra looked immune, a quarter of the way down the line on the left. She dropped four over the first 36 arrows but was clean through three of six ends in the back half.

Becerra needed to remain clean through 18 more arrows to break Ella Gibson’s 715-point world record – but it wasn’t to be. An end of 59, then 58 points, before finishing with a seventh perfect-60 on the day gave her 713.

Not a record – but a 10-point personal best in international competition.

“I was focused on getting top spot in qualification. I really wanted it,” she said. “I tried to stay inside my zone and not think too much about the score. And my nine were only just out, so I’m happy about that, too.”

The top eight qualifiers all receive bonus points towards the Hyundai Archery World Cup Ranking again in 2024. Asian Games Champion Jyothi Surekha Vennam (713), eight-time circuit winner Sara Lopez (708) and world number one Ella Gibson (707) are among Becerra’s chasers in Shanghai.

Vennam seeded second, Lopez fourth and Gibson fifth.

World Archery Champion Aditi Swami qualified eighth with 704 points.

There was no top-64 cut in the compound women’s competition but Jesse Sut won a three-way shoot-off of 687-point shooters in the compound men’s event to bag the last slot in the bracket.

Korea qualified top in the compound men’s and mixed team events, while reigning world champion India took compound women’s team pole.

Competition in Shanghai continues with compound team eliminations on Wednesday morning, followed by recurve qualifying in the afternoon.

Top seeds: Shanghai 2024

Full results on the event page.

Compound men

  1. Mathias Fullerton, Denmark – 714 (43 Xs)
  2. Kim Jongho, Korea – 714 (34 Xs)
  3. Mike Schloesser, Netherlands – 713

Thirty-seven archers shot 700+. Top-64 cut at 687.

Compound women

  1. Andrea Becerra, Mexico – 713
  2. Jyothi Surekha Vennam, India – 711
  3. Oh Yoohyun, Korea – 708 (61 10s)
  4. Sara Lopez, Colombia – 708 (60 10s)

Twenty archers shot 700+. There was no top-64 cut.