Indoor Target Archery

Indoor Target Archery


Indoor target archery is shot at 18 or 25 meters, mostly during the winter. It is a modern competition way of shooting indoors.

Indoor target archery is shot in both Recurve and Compound divisions.

International competitions of indoor archery are recent: the first world indoor championships were held in 1991 in Finland and since then have been held every two years. Since 2001, junior archers have had their world indoor championships.



Targets Targets used for indoor competitions are identical to the ones used in FITA outdoor target archery competitions but smaller in size. The archers shoot at 25 meters on a 60 cm target and at 18 meters a 40 cm target. Actually 18 meters is the only distance shot in world championships. Competitors can choose between 40 cm targets or triple faces which are the same size but with fewer scoring zones. Vertical triple faces are used more and more during the qualification round and are obligatory in the final rounds of competitions.   Scoring Compound archers will only score 10 points when they reach the X10 ring, while Recurve archers have the full 10 ring to score 10 points.   If an arrow reaches outside the 6 ring, it is considered as a miss and the archer will score 0 point for this arrow.
Individual Competition (World Championships)


Qualification round The athletes shoot 60 arrows at the distance of 18m. This round is shot during the first day of competition to select the top 32 men and top 32 women in each division and the top 16 men's and women's team in each division. Each archer will shoot 4 ends each of 3 arrows in 2 minutes per end on a 40cm face.

The top 32 men and top 32 women in each division of the qualification round will proceed to the Elimination Rounds.

Elimination and Final rounds

The archers (top 32 men and top 32 women) will be placed on a single Elimination  Pairing Chart according to their placing in the Qualification Round. The other numbers on the chart show how the winners would progress if the higher-ranked archer won each match. The archers shoot 4 ends of 3 arrows: in total 12 arrows on a 40cm face. They have 2 minutes to do so for each end.

The eight winning archers will go on to the Final Rounds (quarter-finals, semi-finals, bronze and gold matches). Each athlete will have a separate target on which to shoot 4 ends of 3 arrows (12 arrows). In the finals matches archers will shoot alternate arrows. Each archer will have up to 30 seconds to shoot one arrow.

Team Competition

Elimination Round The top 16 men’s and women’s teams in each bow division will be selected using the combined top 3 scores from the Individual Qualification round. They will shoot a series of simultaneous matches each match consisting of 4 ends of 2 arrows per archer (=18 arrows) and 2 minutes per end in which to shoot all 6 arrows.
Finals Round The top 8 teams of women and top 8 teams of men remaining from the Elimination Round shoot a series of individual matches (quarter-finals, semi-finals, bronze and gold matches), each match consisting of 4 ends of 6 arrows (2 per archer) shot in 2 minutes at 18 meters, culminating in the team gold medal match.

The archers may shoot in any sequence but they may only shoot 1 arrow each time they are on the shooting line.
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