7 ways to describe archery to your friends

During the 2016 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in Odense, Denmark, we asked the compound archers competing how they describe the sport they spend their days, nights and weekends doing to their friends and family.

What do you think of their answers?

1) It’s an addiction

Martin Damsbo, Denmark : “Archery is not a sport, it’s an addiction. Each kind of bow, whether it’s longbow, recurve, compound, each one has its own charm. Compound might be a little more accurate – if you like micro-managment – recurve might be more physical, like body movement. Longbow is more instinctive.”

“Every person is different. It depends what mood you are in, what you are up for. There’s no right or wrong. As long as you fling arrows then I’m happy.”

2) It’s a sport for all

Inge van Caspel, Netherlands : “It’s a sport for anybody. Anybody can do this at their own level. You can be missing an arm or something else, a problem with your joints. Everyone can shoot, even if you’re blind. What I feel on the field here is everyone is friends, I can leave my stuff here, it feels safe. I cheer for everybody, and that’s a wonderful feeling.”

3) It’s relaxing

Erika Anear, Denmark : “It’s a good headspace. It’s just quiet, you, the target the field. It’s the best anyone can get. Unless you’re one of those people who simply has to hit the X every time, then it might be aggravating. But for me it’s good headspace.”

4) It’s social

Lily Chanu Paonam, India : “By doing archery you can make a career and on top of that, you can meet people. The most important is that we get together, the whole world.”

5) It’s satisfying

Camilo Cardona, Colombia : “This is an intense sport. You have to work hard for it, but once you become good, you can feel how satisfying it is. You feel it, you know you’re doing something good, but it’s hard to describe it.”

6) It makes you strong

Alejandra Usquiano, Colombia : “Archery is a sport for both women and men. The feeling when releasing an arrow is just great. All feelings, both positive and negatives, you go through them all. It’s a sport that help you to be strong, to improve your mental state and to overcome all type of situations.”

7) It’s fun

Reo Wilde, USA : “Do it. It’s fun. It’s addictive. It gets in your blood. You’ll enjoy it!”

Stephan Hansen, Denmark : “You have to try. You will know it’s a lot of fun once you do. Just go to a club and give it a try.”

How do you describe archery to your friends? Let us know on Twitter, @worldarchery is the handle.