Chang Hye Jin named top Korean athlete of 2016

Chang Hye Jin became the eighth Korean women’s archery gold medallist at the Olympics in Rio in the summer of 2016, as she and her teammates also defended the nation’s stranglehold on the women’s team event at the Games.

She was the only Korean woman to win two gold medals in Rio.

“This year has been unforgettable for me,” said Chang, reported the Korean Herald. “Winning the Olympics doesn’t mean your career is over. I have to set another goal and keep working hard.”

“I will first do my best to qualify for the national team selection trial in March next year. I will try to win the gold medal at the World [Archery] Championships.”

Chang was named Korea’s women’s athlete of the year at the 2016 Korea Women Sports Awards in Seoul earlier this week.

“I'm already satisfied with the Olympic gold medal, but I feel really honoured and thankful to receive this top honour,” she said.

Chang’s teammate in Rio, Ki Bo Bae, who was Olympic Champion in London in 2012 and finished third in Rio, is among the previous recipients of the award.