Marin makes 1st medal match on World Cup circuit

European Games bronze medallist Alicia Marin made her first medal match on the Hyundai Archery World cup circuit during the third stage of the 2017 tour in Salt Lake City, one leg after taking bronze in the mixed team event in Antalya. 

The 20-year-old only lost to Olympic team bronze medallist Tan Ya-Ting in a one-arrow shoot-off in the semis.

“I think the strength from this week comes out of all the training I’ve been doing and the trust and confidence I have in my coach. That’s been especially key for me,” said Alicia. “Every time I was on the shooting line, I tried to imagine her voice and what she would be telling me to do. That helped me remain confident even though she’s not here on site.”

Alicia and Ya-Ting tied each of their first three sets, shooting 27, 28 and 28.

Ya-Ting then shot a 29 to beat Alicia’s 27, before Alicia took the fifth by one point, sending the match to a shoot-off: Tan, nine; Alicia, eight.

“I’ve never made it this far before on the World Cup circuit so making the semis was already something satisfying,” she said. “Of course, I would have preferred to shot a nine or a 10 in the shoot-off but an eight wasn’t too bad considering the wind.”

Marin will shoot for bronze against Korean world number four Choi Misun, which she said doesn’t worry her.

“I’ll probably need more time to assimilate the fact that I’m going for bronze, but all I’m sure is that I will try to enjoy my first-ever medal match no matter who I’m shooting against. The result is something extra,” said Alicia.

In her quarterfinal match, Alicia defeated London 2012 Olympic silver medallist Aida Roman, 6-4, who then remained on the field as long as she could to cheer for her during the semis.

“The nicest thing about the sport is that you can beat someone on the field and outside of it be that person’s friend without any bad feelings at all. It really made me happy to hear Aida cheering me on from behind. That was nice from her,” said Marin.

Alicia’s Spanish teammate Andrea Marcos will also shoot in the finals field, in the compound women’s individual final on Saturday.

The third stage of the 2017 Hyundai Archery World Cup runs 20 to 25 June in Salt Lake City, USA.