Buenos Aires hosts 1st archery tournament for under 12s

World Archery Argentina attracted more than 60 youngsters to its first Archery City Cup for athletes under the age of 12 in Buenos Aires at the Chabuco Sports Complex on 5 November.

The initiative was part of Buenos Aires’ youth engagement programme ahead of hosting the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

“Our goal is to capture interest of young people,” said national federation president Estanislao Osores Soler. “We understand the importance of promoting archery not only among young people but among their parents as well.” 

“This event was a competitive experience for these young archers and an opportunity to showcase an Olympic sport to parents who might not have thought it a viable activity for their children. It’s proof that archery can be practised by anyone and there are few barries to entry, including cost.”

Archers competed with PVC bows made of plastic pipes at the event, part of a well-established project across Latin America. 

The first Archery City Cup was organised by Norberto Castrogiovanni and the World Archery Argentina development department, and supported by the organising committee of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, the Buenos Aires Under Secretary of Sports and the University Archery Club CUDA.

The first places to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games were recently awarded at the World Archery Youth Championships in Rosario, just a few hours drive from Buenos Aires, exactly one year prior to the start of the Games.

The third edition of the Youth Olympic Games takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2018.

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