Kim Hyung Tak releases archery coaching application

Coach Kim Hyung Tak has released his very own mobile application – called Kim, Hyung-Tak Archery – explaining his Olympic- and world-title-winning method of teaching archery technique. It is available worldwide in English for 23-32 USD on Apple devices, with an Android release imminent.

“I hope this application will help improve the skill of archers of all levels around the world,” said coach Kim, who previously published his own text-based technique manual named Archery.

“Many archers have learned from my book, but since a book can only contain words and pictures I wanted to make an application where video could ease people’s understanding of some of the subjects.”

Coach Kim is well known for using video analysis during seminars and training sessions. His new application is divided into three categories:

  • Basic technical skills
  • Teaching methods
  • Expansion analysis

There are more than 65 videos and 100 pictures or diagrams within the application, many featuring 2013 World Archery Champion Maja Jager who is a resident athlete at the Kim Hyung Tak training centre.

Coach Kim was the first full-time coach employed by the Korean Archery Association.

He led Korean to its first Olympic archery gold in Los Angeles in 1984 and subsequently led Chinese Taipei’s surge in results in the 1990s. He opened his own archery training centre in 2004, continues to coach resident and visiting athletes of all levels, and travels internationally holding seminars and coaching workshops.

The Kim Hyung-Tak Archery application is available for Apple devices now.