French federation launches campaign to send second-hand equipment to Africa

The French archery federation has launched a campaign to send second-hand archery equipment to developing countries in Africa.

Called partage ton arc, transmets ta passion or ‘share your bow, transmit your passion’ in English, the project sees regional committees collect unused gear from clubs and members and send it to the federation headquarters. The federation then distributes it internationally, covering the logistical costs from source to destination.

“Our wish is to help French-speaking countries that have the potential, but do not have the means, logistics or organisation, to develop the sport,” said FFTA president Jean-Michel Cleroy.

“The goal is really to develop archery around the world and not our own personal interest.”

Partage ton arc, transmets ta passion was developed by the French federation’s young managers, who are part of a programme that gives archers aged 16 to 20 an insight into sports administration. Each group of young managers chooses a two-year project and the latest intake focused on Francophile federations in Africa.

The group conceived the distribution process, planned the logistics and created a promotional campaign to educate club members.

Archers can donate any equipment no longer in use – including bows and arrows or accessories like sights and stabilisers – as long as it is in good condition or easily repairable. Donations are recorded at the federation headquarters, mended if necessary, and then sent on to Africa in larger packages.

Members, clubs and regional committees pay nothing, removing a significant barrier for receiving gifts from the community. It means more old equipment in France will receive a new life in Africa.

The new campaign formalises an arrangement that has been in place for nearly a decade.

France’s archery federation has been supporting African archery development since the early 2000s. Equipment aid began in the 2010s.

Other initiatives include support for coach and judge training, high-performance knowledge sharing and giving governance advice.

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