Cushla Matheson replaces Robert Turner as World Archery’s development agent in Oceania

Cushla Matheson started in the role of World Archery’s development agent in Oceania on 6 January 2020, replacing Robert Turner who held the position since February 2018.

Turner now works with Archery Australia’s high-performance programme.

Matheson, 35, is a sports manager who has experience in team leadership, event organisation, international relations and development.

She is now responsible for the development of World Archery’s member associations in Oceania, with a focus on good governance, performance programmes and administration. 

Cushla was the team leader for New Zealand’s archers in 2019 and coordinated training programmes for 30 athletes across the country. She also coordinated travel and accommodation domestically and internationally.

In previous sports roles, Cushla was an event manager for the 2015 World Karate Championships and a team manager for the 2017 World Goju Ryu Karate Championships.

She has worked for the Auckland University of Technology for over a decade.

World Archery’s new development agent in Oceania Cushla Matheson can be contacted at

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