FISU rebrands Universiade as World University Games

FISU, the international federation for university sports, has launched a new brand identity and announced that it will drop the name ‘Universiade’ in favour of World University Games from 2020.

The first Universiade was held in 1959 and the latest edition in 2019 attracted 6000 student athletes across 15 sports.

An archery competition has been contested since 2003 and became a compulsory sport on the programme after 2017. Lee Woo Seok, Kang Chae Young, Anton Bulaev and Andrea Becerra are archery’s reigning champions.

Chengdu, China will host the next Summer World University Games in August 2021.

The FISU rebrand also includes a new logo for the federation.

FISU president Oleg Matytsin said: “FISU’s new visual identity is reflective of our vision of the future. FISU is unique because we are the stepping-stone for university students to aspire to greater things, in sport, in career and in life.”