World Archery launches system of international blocks for 2021-2024 seasons

World Archery will implement a system of international blocks from 2021 to make planning the calendar of tournaments clearer and more consistent at the world, continental and national levels.

The outdoor archery season will now officially begin on 1 April and run until 30 September each year.

Slots usually lasting two weeks will be reserved in each month of the season and dates assigned to events as they are awarded. It is intended that the system will apply to all stages of the Hyundai Archery World Cup, the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final and any World Archery Championships.

There will be an adaptation period as the dates of some competitions have already been agreed and current delays require ongoing flexibility.

Multisport events like the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, World University Games and World Games may not fit into the two-week concept as these are not scheduled by World Archery.

Continental events and other world ranking tournaments should take place outside the blocked dates. It is hoped that a second phase of standardising the calendar will include clearer advance scheduling for these competitions, too.

World Archery secretary general Tom Dielen said: “We recognise that it is getting harder to plan each year as the calendar becomes increasingly crowded. Some events will inevitably clash and this is proof of the sport’s growing popularity as the community demands increased opportunity for competition.”

“However, it’s important that we provide the space that archery’s world-class tournaments deserve. The international block system will help planning at all levels, develop consistency in the calendar and start to give a better shape to the outdoor season.“

2021 international blocks

The World Archery Youth Championships in Perth, Australia are scheduled for 4-10 October 2021 and the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final is expected to take place in September or October.

2022 international blocks

  • 11-24 April 2022
  • 9-22 May 2022
  • 13-26 June 2022
  • 11-24 July 2022
    • ​TBC: World Games – Birmingham, USA
  • 15-28 August 2022
  • 5-25 September 2022
    • TBC: World Archery 3D Championships – Terni, Italy

2023 international blocks

  • 10-23 April 2023
  • 15-28 May 2023
  • 12-25 June 2023
  • 10 July – 6 August 2023
    • TBC: World Archery Championships – Berlin, Germany
  • 14-27 August 2023
  • 11-24 September 2023

2024 international blocks

  • 15-28 April 2024
  • 13-26 May 2024
  • 10-23 June 2024
  • 15-31 July 2024
    • ​TBC: Paris 2024 Olympic Games – Paris, France
      (current event dates are 26 July – 11 August)
  • 26-31 August 2024
    • TBC: Paris 2024 Paralympic Games – Paris, France
      (current event dates are 28 August – 8 September)
  • 9-​22 September 2024

Provisional dates for the 2021 Hyundai Archery World Cup were announced in July. World ranking events are eligible to recommence on 1 September following the international hiatus implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.