Mike Schloesser breaks 1440 Round world record with 1421 points

Mike Schloesser scored 1421 out of a possible 1440 points to set a world record for the 1440 Round, subject to ratification, at a world record status event this weekend in Boekel in the Netherlands.

“I’m really happy with the score," Schloesser said. "After the 90 metres, I knew a big score was going to be there.

“It was really difficult weather at the end. The 50 metres and 30 metres were really tough. It should have been a bigger score with that 90 metres, but I’m really happy with how I shot mentally.”

The 1440 Round, which was previously used at internationals for qualification, sees men shoot 36 arrows each at 90, 70, 50 and 30 metres.

Schloesser's distances scores were 352, 356, 353 and 360. The total of 1421 beats the previous mark, set in 2009 by fellow Dutchman Peter Elzinga, by two.

Schloesser shot 125 out of his 144 arrows across the four distances into the 10-ring. Despite tumultuous weather conditions that included fog, rain, sun and gusts of wind throughout the day, he was still able to execute at a high level and make history.

The event was the 25th anniversary memorial tournament for Dutch Olympian Erwin Verstegen, who died in 1995 at the age of 24.

Restrictions on sporting events in the Netherlands have been lifted enough that competitions can take place with just an increased focus on social distancing.

“It felt great. It felt like before. I was shooting with Steve Wijler, and I told him at the end that it was just great to shoot a normal competition," Schloesser said. "It’s the first time it’s been like that since the start of the lockdown in March."

Despite the cancellation of the international season, the world number two seems to have retained the imperious form that took him to a second Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion title at the end of 2019.

“I’ve been practising way less than I normally do, but I’ve been training at least a couple of times a week to retain form," he said. "It’s a level that I think I’m not losing my scoring ability. So I’m not gaining anything, but I’m also not losing anything.”

Schloesser's result wasn’t the only record-breaking score in Boekel.

Sjef van den Berg’s 335 points at 90 metres is expected to be confirmed as a new European record, while his 359 at 30 metres and 1368 total are expected to be national records.

Gaby Schloesser shot new national bests at 70 metres with 330, 60 metres with 339 and overall with 1347.

A round-up of all world records broken since the recognition of world-record status events restarted on 1 July will follow after the end of August.

Pictures courtesy Tim Buitenhuis/Pridex Media.