Restriction on centre serving length for target barebows introduced to rulebook

Three bylaws have been added to the World Archery rulebook in the new edition published on 1 October 2020. The edits were approved by the executive board at its most recent remote meeting.

Two of the bylaws are largely editorial.

The first clarifies the appointing of mixed team world record holders when two or more archers of the same gender in the team are tied on the high score that contributes to the record. It decided on 10s and Xs and after that deemed a tie.

The second updates the rulebook to state that in alternate team shooting, the clock switches to the second team as soon as the timing of the first stops. This brings the rule in line with the current reality of timing technology.

The third and final bylaw is related to barebows when used in the discipline of target archery only.

It is now mandatory that the end (practically, the top) of the centre serving cannot end in the field of vision of the archer at full draw, preventing it from being used as an aiming aid.

This does not apply to field or 3D archery, in which the practice of string-walking – moving the fingers up and down the string for different distances – means that the rule would be impractical.

Further details are available in the World Archery rulebook and at the following links: