Korean compounders break team qualifying world record

The Korean compound men in Paris.

Yang Jaewon (713), Kim Jongho (713) and Choi Yonghee (711) combined for 2137 points and a new world record for compound men’s team qualification at the third stage of the 2022 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Paris, France.

Individually, they seeded second to fourth. Combined, they beat the previous world best, owned by the USA at 2133 by four points.

“Everyone on our team did well,” said Jongho. “We didn’t think we’d be able to break the Americans’ record but we were able to do it today. I’m really happy about our achievement.”

It marks the first time this particular record has been owned by any other country than the USA.

Reo Wilde, Rodger Willet Jr and Braden Gellenthien set the first record at 2112 when the round was introduced in April 2011. It was upped to 2116 and then 2130 points in the same year. The 2033 score was set in Shanghai five years later.

(Wilde featured on all of those record-setting squads, although his teammates rotated.)

The Korean compound men finished third at their home stage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup last month in Gwangju – and will look to go one match better when competition resumes tomorrow morning with team eliminations in Paris.