Schloesser says helping Korean compounds will push his limits

Mike Schloesser coaching in Korea.

Compound men’s world number one Mike Schloesser has spent the last few days at the national training centre of the Korean team in Jincheon, passing on his wisdom to some of his most potent competitors.

“The knowledge I’ve learned is something that I don’t keep for myself,” said Schloesser.

“I’ve shared it in the past and I will keep doing this in the future. Helping them improve their level will only make me push my limits more.”

Schloesser won two of four stages of the Hyundai Archery World Cup in 2022, extended his unbeaten run in qualifying on the circuit to two years – and shot the highest average arrow of his career with 9.88.

The 28-year-old was invited to Yincheon by the Korean archery federation to pass on his training methods to the current compound squad.

“I’m hoping that I can give them my experience in shooting and tuning… and my love for archery,” he said.

It’s been a largely down year for the Korean compound squad. Only Kim Yunhee delivered an individual podium, winning the stage in Gwangju, while the men’s and women’s teams each collected one bronze medal.

The new date for the postponed Asian Games – featuring a full compound event schedule – has just been announced as 23 September-8 October 2023.

With that vital upcoming major plus compound archery’s recent application to join the Olympic programme, Korea is turning to outside help for a boost to its programme. And one of compound archery’s modern pioneers is only too happy to help.

Header photo courtesy Korea Archery Association/Facebook.

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