Top 5: Emotions run high in Medellin – the best reactions on camera

Sara Lopez shooting on home stage finals arena.

South America is a land of sun, sounds and colour.

Back in Medellin in 2023, it was also really hot. (The city, known for its ‘eternal spring’, isn’t usually up around the 30 degrees Celsius mark.)

And with the season nearing the world champion hiatus, and pressure mounting on archers to qualify for the 2023 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final, there was plenty on the line in Colombia.

It showed…

Lim Sihyeon number one seed and stage winner in Medellin.

5. Number one

Stage winner in Shanghai, top seed in qualifying in Medellin – and then on top of the podium once again. Unbeaten in matches in two career circuit stages.

Lim Sihyeon is undoubtedly the archer of the year so far. But will it last?

Catalina Gnoriega at Medellin 2023 world cup stage.

4. How come?

For an incredibly internal spot, you can often tell a lot about an arrow by the expression on somebody’s face after they let go – especially in team events, when there’s a lot of communication in the rotation.

This one obviously didn’t go where Catalina Gnoriega wanted.

Brady Ellison showing class after being sick at the start of the event.

3. Fighting spirit

Brady Ellison’s been doing this a long time. He’s had dominant years, he’s had a few down years – but through thick and thin, he’s almost always been in the mix.

He was sick in Medellin. But he still battled through the week, making his first final four of the year and collecting yet another mixed team win, with a new shooting partner in Jennifer Mucino, and is now a near-lock for a 13th circuit finale.

Liko amazed on winning first World Cup stage at only 15.

2. Next-gen

The title of this article says ‘emotion’ – but Liko Arreola is a machine.

At 15 years old, having just won her first career stage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup, she calmly looks back at coach Kisik Lee for confirmation.

Not fazed in the biggest moments.

Julio Barillas and Guatemala celebrating first gold medal.

1. ¡Vamos Guatemala!

Julio Barillas falls to his knees after shooting the winning arrow that earned Guatemala its first-ever international medal – a gold in the compound men’s team event.

Unexpected, but the team built confidence, match by match, phase by phase – and rode it all the way to the win. Huge result so, way to go, team Guatemala!