Best photos from Hermosillo 2023 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final

A cacti and archery field in front of Palacio de Gobierno in Hermosillo.

What will be the lasting memory from the 17th edition of the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final, which brought the 2023 international circuit to a close in Mexico?

For those on-site, probably the intense heat that pushed matches into the evening.

For those watching from afar, probably the intense spotlights, used to illuminate the shooting arena because matches were taking place in the evening!

The packed Mexican crowds brought the heat, too, to the temporary stadium constructed in front of Sonora’s Palacio de Gobierno, in the heart of Hermosillo. The atmosphere was brilliant.

World Archery photographer Dean Alberga picked his five favourite photos from the event.

Marcus D’Almeida, the “boy” from Brazil.

5. The “boy” from Brazil

Sheer hard work, dedication and determination pay off.

Remember Marcus D’Almeida arriving on the scene as the Brazilian team were getting ready for the Olympics in Rio? Even then, he showed real potential by making it to the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final – taking silver in 2014 – but never pulled in anything major.

Just look at him now. Tall, athletic and with the coolest moustache on the circuit… and standing on top of the podium.

He’s always had the talent. Now he has the results.

Hot and humid in the Mexican city of Hermosillo.

4. Keeping it cool

About 43 degrees Celsius  even during the late afternoon  added an extra layer to this season’s finals. The best thing to do was to keep a cool head, in every sense of the saying.

Home archer Alejandra Valencia shooting over cactus desert field.

3. Crossing the desert

The Mexican organisers went to great lengths to add a dramatic backdrop. This year’s theme was the gruelling heat of the Sonora desert.

This is hometown archer Alejandra Valencia’s arrow crossing the custom tableau on its way to the target, 70 metres downrange.

Hot and humid in the Mexican city of Hermosillo.

2. The crowd goes wild

Events in Mexico turn into a phenomenal celebration of archery with some of the best crowds in the world. Archers from across the globe are welcomed with the same enthusiasm – okay, similar enthusiasm – as the local heroes.

Sara Lopez winning eighth World Cup Final.

1. Full hands

It’s been a while since Sara Lopez won a stage on the Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit – her last coming in June 2021 in Paris – but at the season-ending final she is unstoppable, making it six in a row and eight total in Hermosillo.

She’s the GOAT, no doubt.

How long before she runs out of fingers?