World Archery’s new championship medals minted by Monnaie de Paris

The new World Archery Championships medals for 2023.

World Archery has revealed the designs of its brand-new championship medals, designed and minted by the Monnaie de Paris, which are first in use at this week’s World Archery Youth Championships in Limerick, Ireland.

The square medals feature the World Archery logo on the front and an original bow-and-target-inspired motif and the words ‘world championships’ on the rear. They measure 75 millimetres in diameter and are minted from monetary bronze, with the second and first-placed medals plated in sterling silver and 24-carat gold.

“Our world championship medals are symbolic of sporting success and it’s important that our athletes cherish these valuable items alongside the memories born on the field of play,” said World Archery secretary general Tom Dielen.

“These are our medals of the future, and it’s particularly meaningful to introduce them at the world youth championships and to first present them to our athletes of the future, ahead of two more very important events, the World Archery Para Championships in Pilsen and the Hyundai World Archery Championships in Berlin in August.”

The Monnaie de Paris is the world’s oldest mint and is responsible for producing France’s coins. It has previously produced medals for the 1900 and 1920 Olympic Games, both held in the French capital, and other major sporting events, including this year’s Rugby World Cup in France.

These new medals replace a previous design introduced in 2011 following World Archery’s rebranding from FITA.