Insane rain during compound team finals at world youth championships

Mexico celebrates winning the compound under-18 men’s title.

Conditions were extremely unkind to finalists in the compound team events at the 2023 World Archery Youth Championships, as India took two titles, and Denmark and Mexico each added one on the third day of competition in Limerick.

It might have been a third for India – had the pendulum in a topsy-turvey compound under-18 men’s team final swung the other way.

Eight points down after the first six arrows after Pawan Gat’s first arrow was a five, the Indian squad looked out. But fliers from Mexico in the second end handed five points back and, somehow, after the third India was ahead by one.

Rafael Munoz, Elias Reyes and Victor Portillo (shooting in that order) found the nine six times in the last end – eventually leaving Ganesh Thirumuru needing a nine with his last arrow to seal the title.

Caught by the wind, an unexpected lull, or the moment, Thirumuru sent his shot high into the seven – and the Mexican squad, nervously watching on, erupted.

“The weather conditions brought so much uncertainty,” explained Portillo afterwards. “In the end, we celebrated, but it was all in the balance on the last arrow. It’s a great achievement.”

Munoz added: “This is what I have been dreaming of since I started archery and it’s a great honour to be here representing my country.”

Mexico’s compound women’s teams would also pick up silver (under-21) and bronze (under-18) medals on the day.

Mathias Fullerton is one of the handful of high-profile archers on the senior circuit competing at this week’s youth championship. At 20 years old, it will be his last.

He collected his first medal of the tournament after winning compound under-21 men’s team gold for Denmark. Fullerton, Tore Bjarnarson and Rasmus Bramsen struggled to pull away from Slovenia until the closing end – but eventually won by four, 228-224.

“I wouldn’t say we’re used to it… but in Denmark it’s pretty wet and windy as well,” said Tore. “So we have a small upper hand. It was a great experience and we are very happy.”

A fired-up Fullerton, who showboated as he showed off his release aid trigger to the television camera mid-match (he normally shoots back tension), delivered the final, winning 10.

“Whatever makes you hit better,” he explained afterwards. “It’s great to make memories with these two guys and being world champions is unforgettable, really fun.”

“But of course, individuals is the thing I came for…”

A statement of intent.

Every archer who climbs the podium in Limerick is among the first to receive the new world archery championship medals, which were revealed earlier this week and minted by Monnaie de Paris.

Competition continues with recurve finals on Friday at these world youth championships.

Compound team podiums: Limerick 2023

Full qualification results are available on the event page.

Compound men team (under-21)

  1. Denmark (Tore Bjarnarson, Rasmus Bramsen and Mathias Fullerton)
  2. Slovenia (Aljaz Brenk, Tim Jevsnik and Matija Rozic)
  3. USA (Isaac Sullivan, Sawyer Sullivan and Nathaniel Wilken)

Compound men team (under-18)

  1. Mexico (Rafael Munoz, Victor Portillo and Elias Reyes)
  2. India (Pawan Gat, Manav Jadhao and Ganesh Thirumuru)
  3. USA (Landyn Cox, Dewey Hathaway and Grady Kane)

Compound women team (under-21)

  1. India (Avneet Kaur, Parneet Kaur and Pragati)
  2. Mexico (Adriana Castillo, Maria Jimenez and Selene Rodriguez)
  3. USA (Carson Krahe, Makenna Proctor and Sydney Sullenberger)

Compound women team (under-18)

  1. India (Ekta Rani, Aishwarya Sharma and Aditi Swami)
  2. USA (Liko Arreola, Olivia Dean and Leann Drake)
  3. Mexico (Regina Bernal, Valentina Garcia and Lia Lugo)