Khaled joins World Archery as African development agent

Since 2006, World Archery has contracted a development agent with the mission of developing archery in West Africa. Paul Zinsou, who held the position from its inception until the end of 2016, was able to introduce a solid base for the sport in several countries.

After a decade, the project was reassessed with the Foundation for Global Sports Development, adjusted to encompass the entire African continent and focus on youth development, and it was decided to re-advertise the role.

Khaled Sofiane Lamandé was selected following open applications.

A 36-year old from Algeria who speaks three languages – English, French and Arabic – Khaled studied electronics, electrical engineering and management, and has worked in entertainment, digital communications, quality control, project analysis, customer services and process improvement for companies including Deutsche Post and Renault.


Khaled started archery in 2007 and, after a short break, took classes to become a federal coach and judge in 2012, then a World Archery level one coach in 2013 after a course run by education director Pascal Colmaire.

He attended a two-week-long camp at Kim Hyung-Tak’s school in 2014 to qualify as a level two coach – and two courses in 2015 and 2016 with former world number one recurve archer Lionel Torres.

Khaled is currently a World Archery level one coach trainer candidate, coaches in his local club in Algiers and works with other Algerian leagues.

World Archery welcomes Khaled and encourages its member federations in Africa to both support him in his new role and take advantages of the upcoming programmes and initiatives he will coordinate in the continent.

The Foundation for Global Sports Development supports initiatives that promote fair play, education and the physical and developmental benefits of sport for youths around the world.

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