Mental training app Hit The Gold released for MacOS

Four months after the successful launch of Hit The Gold, developers released a MacOS version of the application on 13 June 2017 due to worldwide demand for the amateur and elite mental training programme.

Neurofeedback, also known as neurotherapy, is the process of visualising real-time displays of brain activity, allowing archers to analyse their mind’s performance during shooting.

By using the application, the user learns how to reach the optimal state of mind and overcome issues such as target panic.

“I am always looking for anything that will give me an advantage. I'm a data geek by nature, having both a math and science degree, so I was very intrigued by the concept of neurofeedback software in archery,” said Crystal Gauvin.

“After giving Hit The Gold a try, I can really see the benefit and will definitely continue using it.”

Martin Damsbo explained: “The software provides real-time feedback so I immediately know how to be better the next time around. And the best part is, it's simple to setup and install, so there's no fuss or complications with it.”

Croatian archers Mario Vavro and Domagoj Buden teamed up with Core Interface, a company consisting of medical doctors, scientists, engineers and sport professionals, to create Hit the Gold.

Domagoj improved 30 places in the World Archery rankings since starting to use the application, peaking at six to date.

“It's an amazing feeling to receive calls for collaboration from all over the world, archers and coaches from all continents are sending us requests and questions,” Core Interface expert Marin Mindoljevic explained.

The Hit The Gold software is available in multiple languages for $149 + tax. Archers also need a piece of hardware – Neurosky powered EEG headsets – that can be connected to any Windows or MacOS laptop or PC via Bluetooth.