Pan American Championships to award first spots for Lima 2019

The next Pan American Games in Lima, Peru in 2019 will feature both recurve and compound archery for the first time. The event announced that it would follow suit with the Asian Games, which introduced the discipline in 2014, in early 2017.

A total of 84 archers will compete in Lima, 64 recurve and 20 compound, split equally between the two genders.

Qualification for those places is split into two. The first and primary qualification tournament is the Pan American Championships taking place in Medellin, Colombia in August 2018. 

The event will award 46 recurve and 16 compound places.

The top six recurve teams in each gender at the championships.

The top four compound mixed teams at the championships.

A subsequent separate elimination bracket including only the nations that did not qualify team places then awards places to the top four individual recurve finishers and top three individual compound finishers.

Peru receives one place in each division, as long as at least one athlete competes in those divisions.

Places are all awarded to national teams, who may choose whether they are accepted and then who attends the Games.

The remaining 18 recurve and four compound spots to Lima 2019 are awarded at the second and last qualification tournament, which takes place in Santiago de Chile in April 2019.

The 2018 Pan American Championships and primary qualification tournament for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games take place on 14-20 August in Medellin, Colombia.