Top 5: Best photos from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Jang Minhee shoots during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

When I was reminded about submitting my favourite five pictures from Tokyo, I knew it was going to be something of a ‘mission impossible’.

I did a count first.

In total, I clicked the shutter on my two cameras 21,044 times during the Olympics. So it’s pretty difficult to know where to start…

This time, I’ve picked five photos that encompass a special moment during the Games.

Gaby Schloesser and Steve Wijler on the podium at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

1) Mixed-team mates

Among the first sports to award a medal at the Games, archery’s opening event was extra special – as it was the debut of the mixed team competition at the Olympics. Dutch duo Gaby and Steve, who won silver, were the first archers to hang their medals around each other’s necks.

It was a poignant display of respect and gratitude. And everyone else soon followed.

The sport team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

2) The team

Behind every successful event is a group of people that seldom or never get a moment in the spotlight. Volunteers work from morning ’til late at night to make each tournament what it is. The group photo is a small way of saying thank you for doing the work with a smile.

Kim Je Deok roars during the mixed team matches at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

3) The scream

The Olympic Champion of roars? Branded as the biggest talent out of Korea for decades, Kim Je Deok is well on the way to becoming a legend at the age of 17. Although individually, he wasn’t able to make a push for a medal, he dragged his team and mixed team to Olympic titles.

And he did it with the kind of passion and enthusiasm not always seen in the archery arena. It was great to watch – and great to photograph.

Mete Gazoz celebrates winning the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

4) Winning smile

Mete called it in Rio that he would be the next Olympic Champion – and he came through. We all knew he was good but this tall, lanky ‘kid’ from Turkey surprised many of us by walking away with the ‘W’. And he did it with such style. Mete’s got charisma and he comes to life in front of the lens.

5) Archery in motion

Many pictures you’ll see from the Olympics show the moment of release, the arrow leaving the bow, captured in perfect stillness. I’ve mentioned, before, how I like to see a little bit of blur on the arrow – because an arrow needs to move.

This photo was a happy accident. I had the settings wrong on my camera and I got the blur on the bow instead, while Kang Chae Young came out perfectly sharp.