Swiss watchmaker SNGLRTY named official timekeeper of World Archery


World Archery and SNGLRTY have entered a three-year partnership for the pioneering Swiss watchmaker to act as the sport’s official timekeeper through 2025.

SNGLRTY, which is renowned for its patented single-hand luxury watches, will be responsible for the accurate delivery of on-field timing clocks at the annual Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit and the biennial Hyundai World Archery Championship events.

To celebrate this partnership, SNGLRTY will release a custom archery-inspired watch to complement its staple of high-quality and individually configured Swiss-made watches.

Each of the individual winners of the Hyundai World Archery Championships in 2023 and 2025, and the individual adult winners at the World Archery Field Championships in 2024, will receive an exclusive Archery Edition SNGLRTY watch on the podium.

SNGLRTY will also relaunch the Hyundai Archery World Cup’s annual accuracy award as the SNGLRTY Prize for Precision. This prize rewards the archers who accrue the highest percentage of 10s across the season. Each SNGLRTY Prize for Precision winner will receive a cheque worth 5000 CHF and an exclusive Archery Edition SNGLRTY watch.

World Archery is the international federation for the Olympic and Paralympic sport of archery.

More details on SNGLRTY’s special Archery Edition watch will be released soon.

World Archery president Prof Dr Ugur Erdener said:

“We are excited to welcome SNGLRTY as the official timekeeper of World Archery and the newest member of our international archery community.”

“The sport of archery and the tradition of watchmaking share values of precision, control and repetition, while both World Archery and SNGLRTY are at the forefront of their fields, striving to innovate and inspire new thinking.”

“This perfect partnership will be celebrated in SNGLRTY’s limited edition watch – a first for the sport of archery.”

SNGLRTY co-founder Stephan Mansfield said:

“We are delighted to become the official timekeeper of World Archery. Accuracy unites both archery and SNGLRTY, for archery at the tip of each arrow, and SNGLRTY accuracy in each singular moment, so it is a great combination.”

“To celebrate this exciting partnership between World Archery and SNGLRTY, we are excited to launch an official watch of World Archery. This will showcase the best of archery and SNGLRTY in one exceptional package.”