Skylon Archery on-board as blue partner of World Archery

Quentin Baraer shooting.

Skylon Archery has joined World Archery’s industry sponsorship programme ahead of the 2023 season.

The manufacturer, which is based in the Chinese province of ShanDong, produces carbon-only arrow shafts for indoor, outdoor, field and other types of archery, with specifications ranging from entry level to elite.

Skylon also makes arrow components including points and nocks.

As a result of joining the programme, the company has access to World Archery’s content catalogue and will support the delivery of development programmes worldwide.

Skylon Archery chief executive officer Sam Wang said:

“We are pleased and proud to become a blue partner within the World Archery industry sponsorship programme. Knowing that we can contribute to the development of archery in this way gives us enormous satisfaction.”

“Skylon believes it is important that there are quality products on the market for every level and every budget. It’s wonderful to see archers, from beginners to world class, enjoy this ancient and beautiful sport.”