World Archery President welcomes delegates to Berlin for Congress

The 55th World Archery Congress is taking place in Berlin.

The 55th World Archery Congress will take place on 27-28 July 2023 in Berlin, just before the 2023 Hyundai World Archery Championships, which will officially begin qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Following the pre-congress meeting of the executive board, which took place on 26 July to coincide with celebrations marking 365 until the next Olympics, World Archery President Prof Dr Ugur Erdener issued the following statement:

“As we celebrate one year to go to Paris 2024, the international archery family is arriving in Berlin to discuss the past, present and future of the sport. The date is a happy coincidence that reminds us of what we are all working towards - the positive power of sport to inspire and unite.”

“Over the next two days, delegates from member associations will plan the next phase of archery’s path, before athletes of the present take centre stage once again, competing for world titles and Olympic quota places at the 52nd World Archery Championships.”

“I am excited to meet everyone, officials and archers alike, in the German capital for this celebration of archery.”

Voting at Yankton 2021 World Archery Congress.


Some 22 motions to change the World Archey Rulebook will be presented to delegates at World Archery Congress.

As well as editorial alterations, some adjustments to the anti-doping clauses due to current delegations to the International Testing Authority and the Court for Arbritration in Sport, and modifying deadlines for future congresses, there are also some proposals to change the sport rules.

Most of these relate to field and 3D archery, including the removal of the pool system but retaining head-to-head matches, although there is also a motion from World Archery Americas to officially recognise an under-15 age category.

A proposal from the athletes committee to consider X-ring count before 10-ring count when breaking ties will not be assessed until World Archery Congress in 2025 as rules that directly affect the Olympic Games cannot be changed in the year immediately preceeding.


There will be elections for 28 open positions during the 2023 World Archery Congress, with 62 approved nominees from 32 countries standing for the roles.

Among the positions up for election are first vice president (one position, one nominee – Jorg Brokamp), vice president (one position, two nominees – Bettina Kratzmüller, Mario Scarzella) and executive board member (four positions, one two-year position, nine nominees).

Due to the staggered elections and term limits required by World Archery’s constitution, there are elections for open positions in all eight permanent committees.

How to watch

The decision-making sessions of congress will be streamed live on World Archery’s corporate communications YouTube channel. The coverage is available at the following links.


Congress is the governing body of World Archery. It consists of delegates from the international federation’s 160-plus national member associations, as well as representatives of committees and the executive board.

Every two years, congress meets to elect officials, vote on changes to the World Archery Rulebook and receive reports on the federation’s operations and finances, as well as hear from key stakeholders and upcoming major event hosts.