Delegates approve under-15 age group format on first day of Congress

World Archery Congress in 2023.

World Archery President Prof Dr Ugur Erdener opened the 55th edition of World Archery Congress by reminding delegates that “innovation, evolution and development” were key to ensuring the continued growth of the sport.

Delegates representing nearly 100 national federations (plus proxies) heard operational and financial reports, decided on memberships, and voted on changes to the World Archery Rulebook.

Prof Dr Erdener emphasised the need for good governance, transparency and accountability in his opening remarks. “Change or be changed,” was the message as he reminded participants that this was his last term in the presidency.

The first of two days of the biennial meeting focused on membership, motions to change the rules and the financial programme.

World Archery vice president Jörg Brokamp, who chairs World Archery’s working group on Russia and Belarus, updated delegates on the procedure for neutral athletes from the two countries’ return to competition.

The financial reports highlighted a favourable cash-flow position in comparison to previous pre-Olympic years, consistent with the goal to achieve increased reserves.

Delegates accepted a proposal to rise the minimum membership fee of national archery federations to 80 CHF (from 40 CHF).

The actual fee will still be calculated on a scale that accounts for size (in actual members) and economic spending power of the respective nation.

The 55th World Archery Congress concludes on Friday 28 July 2023, with elections taking place during the morning session.

No information in this article should be considered official until the meeting minutes are published.


  • New affiliations: Curaçao, Mauritania and Palestine.
  • Postponed affiliations*: Afghanistan and Timor Leste.
  • Expulsions: Central African Republic, Haiti, Saint Kitts and Nevis.
  • Probation**: Ghana, Kuwait, Mali, Rwanda and Senegal. 
  • Final warning: Albania, Montenegro, Nigeria, Paraguay, Russia, Somalia, Syria and Vanuatu.

*Vote postponed to the 2025 World Archery Congress.

**Deadline of 1 March 2024 to meet activity requirements.


Aside from editorial and procedural changes, including the removal of gender-specific references, to the World Archery Rulebook, the following motions were passed:

  • The World Archery 3D Championships will now take place in even, rather than odd, years.
  • An international under-15 category will be added. This does not introduce world records or champion titles but will define consistent formats.
  • The pool system will be dropped from the World Archery Field Championships and be replaced with a head-to-head competition.
  • Teams at the World Archery 3D Championships will now consist of all four categories rather than three.

A proposal to interrogate a youth category for the discipline of para archery was accepted and a motion is expected to be put forward at the 2025 World Archery Congress.