Brokamp elected first vice president at World Archery Congress in Berlin

Brokamp elected first vice president at World Archery Congress.

Jörg Brokamp (Germany), who has served on World Archery’s executive board as a member since 2011 and vice president since 2019, was elected first vice president of the international federation this morning in Berlin.

He is also secretary general of the German archery federation.

Former first vice president Mario Scarzella (Italy) was re-elected to the board as vice president. Scarzella has been president of World Archery Europe, the continental federation, since 2002 and the Italian archery federation since 2001.

There were five open positions for board members, one being for two years.

Incumbent Jean-Michel Cleroy (France) was re-elected, and former constitution and rules committee chair Mark Miller (USA), the sport manager of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Yuko Okura (Japan) elected in the first round of voting.

Chiu Ping-Kun (Chinese Taipei) was appointed by delegates in the third round, with Darko Uidl (Croatia) elected to the two-year position after a fourth.

Elections for 19 positions across World Archery’s permanent committees followed the board vote.

Twelve of the committee candidates elected in Berlin were female. Women now hold 47% of the positions across all permanent committees.

Committee elections

Unless otherwise noted, candidates were elected to serve a four-year term until 2027.

Constitution and rules committee

  • Sergio Font, Colombia
  • Constance Terrier, France
  • Eva Thesen, Norway

Field and 3D archery committee

  • Kristina Reitmeier, Czech Republic
  • Michel Daumas, France
  • Sofie Johansson, Sweden

Judge committee

  • Robert Erica, Netherlands
  • Guillermina Garcia, Mexico
  • Martino Miani, Italy

Coaching committee

  • Goktug Ergin, Türkiye
  • Natalia Valeeva, Italy
  • Marcel van Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Technical commitee

  • Christophe Pezet, France
  • Susanne Wormersley, Australia 

Target committee

  • Andrea Aguilar, Guatemala
  • Jon Nott, Great Britain

Medical and sports science committee

  • Fiammetta Scarzella, Italy
  • Noora Almarzooqi, UAE

Para committee

  • Pippa Britton, Great Britain
  • MJ Rogers, USA
  • Susanne Gliddon, Australia (two-year term)


The following candidates were proposed by the executive board and approved by congress.

Board of justice and ethics

  • Jaan Lott, Estonia
  • Kevin D’Amour, US Virgin Islands
  • Arnoud Strijbis, Netherlands

Marty Swanson (USA) and Lee Dongmin (Korea) remain on the board.

Electoral board

  • Guo Bei, China
  • Chapol Kazi, Bangladesh
  • Sabrina Steffens, Germany