Lim, Lee most accurate in 2023, awarded SNGLRTY precision prizes

Lim Sihyeon, Lee Woo Seok win Prize for Precision awards in 2023.

Korean duo Lim Sihyeon and Lee Woo Seok were named the most accurate archers of the 2023 Hyundai Archery World Cup and presented with the SNGLRTY Prize for Precision awards at the season finale in Hermosillo.

Lim led all recurve women with 208 total 10s through the five events, Lee topped the men with 289.

“It’s a great prize and it motivates me to try for even more next year,” said Sihyeon.

Although neither archer won an individual champion trophy this year, both arrived at the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final seeded top in their respective events. Lim would ultimately finish third, Lee second.

Over the course of the whole season, however, they’ve been more accurate – more consistently – than anyone else on the field.

They each receive 5000 USD in a cash prize, provided by SNGLRTY, as well as an exclusive Archery Edition SNGLRTY watch for topping the Prize for Precision rankings in 2023. A limited number of the watches are available for sale via the World Archery shop at a shipped price of 3900 CHF.

Next year’s award will be available to compound archers.

2023 Prize for Precision standings

See the full SNGLRTY Prize for Precision ranking lists online.

Recurve men

  1. Lee Woo Seok, Korea – 289
  2. Mauro Nespoli, Italy – 287
  3. Marcus D’Almeida, Brazil – 275 (circuit champion)

Recurve women

  1. Lim Sihyeon, Korea – 208
  2. Alejandra Valencia, Mexico – 195
  3. Peng Chia-Mao, Chinese Taipei – 186


A two-time stage winner in 2023, international debutant Lim Sihyeon concluded her first season on tour with a bronze medal at the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final, beating US archer Casey Kaufhold to the last spot on the podium.

Lim set the tone early in that match, sending down an almost-dead-centre shot at the 70-metre target. She’d go on to win it, 6-0.

That first-set spider is our SNGLRTY #PrecisionPoint of this year’s Hyundai Archery World Cup Final – and Korean 20-year-old Lim Sihyeon is your recure women’s SNGLRTY Prize for Precision winner in 2023.