World Archery is committed to transparency in its governance and operations.

Tender processes are run for all financially significant contracts. A minimum of three independent proposals are sought for each tender and bids are assessed on predefined relevant criteria, which might include cost, value, risk and quality.

Contact the office for more information on open tenders.

Open, closed and upcoming tenders

Contract Period Status Deadline Awarded Winner
Remote broadcast 2025-2028 Upcoming December 2024    
Broadcast rights agency 2025-2028 Upcoming December 2024    
Graphics and branding 2022-2024 Upcoming Spring 2022    
Remote broadcast 2022-2024 Closed   January 2022 QTV
Broadcast rights agency 2022-2024 Closed   January 2022 Broadreach Media
Host broadcast 2018-2020 Closed   Spring 2018 QTV Sports
Broadcast rights agency 2018-2020 Closed   Spring 2018 Broadreach Media
Financial auditor 2019-2020 Closed   Autumn 2019 PricewaterhouseCoopers