Congress is the governing body of World Archery.

It meets every two years to elect officials, vote on motions to change the rules and receive operations reports. Delegates that attend congress represent the federation’s member associations and are joined by the executive board and representatives from permanent committees.

Continental associations, associate international federations and associate members can also attend but cannot vote at congress.

World Archery was founded at a meeting in Lwow, Poland in 1931, which is now referred to as the first congress. The 50th edition of congress was held in Belek, Turkey in 2013.

Congress is currently held in odd years.

World Archery Congress 2025

The next edition of the World Archery Congress takes place on 3-4 September 2025, alongside the Hyundai World Archery Championships in Gwangju, Korea.

Documents will be added here as they are made available.

The following timeline applies.

Distribution of nomination and electoral procedures after validation by the electoral board.7 March 2025
Deadline for motions and proposals from member associations, continental associations, the president and executive board.*6 April 2025
Deadline for motions and proposals from permanent committees.*6 April 2025
Deadline for committees’ recommendations on motions and proposals.*6 May 2025
Distribution of motions and proposals to all member associations, continental associations and members of the executive board.21 May 2025
Deadline for submission of amendments.5 June 2025
Deadline for nominations.*5 June 2025
Second round of nominations for positions with insufficient candidatures and validation of all candidatures by the electoral board.6 June 5 July 2025

Distribution of the following to all member associations, the executive board, honorary officers, the board of justice and ethics, and permanent committees:

  • Congress agenda
  • Finance and audit board’s report, audited income and expenditure account and balance sheet, financial programmes and the auditor’s report
  • Annual report, including World Archery goals
  • Motions, proposals and amendments, including comments by the relevant committees
  • Permanent committees’ reports
5 July 2025
Publication of the official list of candidatures.25 July 2025
Deadline for proxies to be sent to the World Archery office.4 August 2025
Deadline for submission of voting delegate and alternate voting delegate by member associations.6 August 2025
Congress registration deadline.13 August 2025
Publication of the list of voting delegates and vote weighting following validation by the electoral board.22 August 2025

*Sent to secretary general.