Tournaments Summer Summit highlights volunteer management and partnerships

The second Summer Summit, on the subject of events, is scheduled for this weekend.

Seven pieces of content that study, discuss and lean on the experience of veteran event organisers will be released every hour from 10h00 CET on Sunday 28 June. Each item is public and no prior registration is necessary.

The first of the four summits, which took place in May, focused on the winning attitude required by archers. Future summits in July and August will be for judges and coaches.

Schedule – 28 June

Direct links will be added below when the content becomes available.

10h00 – Pieces of the event puzzle

Arnaud Drijard, the organiser of the 2015 Archery World Cup Final and 2017 Hyundai World Archery Championships, breaks down the components of a successful tournament.

Available to watch on YouTube and Facebook.

11h00 – Lessons from Nimes

An in-depth interview with the organiser of the Nimes Archery Tournament, Olivier Grillat, who has grown the event over more than two decades.

Available to read at

12h00 – Roundtable: Profit or loss?

Karim Bashir leads a conversation with Adam Taylor, Bruce Cull, Darren Hughes, Jon Nott and Rifaat Chabouk as they discuss whether events are moneymakers.

Available to watch on YouTube and Facebook.

13h00 – Managing a workforce

Darren Hughes, a consultant on people management for the International Olympic Committee, explains the process of recruiting and managing volunteers – and how the same principles apply to events of all sizes.

Available to watch on YouTube.

14h00 – Branding an archery event 

A name and a logo? How important is it to give an archery tournament an identity? The step-by-step process of branding an event – and making a simple improvement.

Available to watch on YouTube and Facebook.

15h00 – Q&A: Case study on Madrid 2019

Spanish archery federation secretary general Rifaat Chabouk evaluates the Madrid 2019 World Archery Youth Championships.

Available to watch on YouTube.

16h00 – Forging partnerships for archery tournaments

Ireland’s Adam Taylor, a marketing activation professional and bidder for international archery events, explains how tournaments can work with brands to raise funds, improve services and grow the profile of the sport.

Available to watch on YouTube.

Future summits

Daily schedules will be released during the week before each summit.

  • Judges: 26 July 2020
  • Coaches: 30 August 2020

The Summer Summits are a programme of educational days for the archery community.