Judging Summer Summit discusses professionalisation of the role and education

This weekend’s third Summer Summit is focused on judging and the role they play in developing the sport of archery.

A total of seven pieces of content will be released featuring presentations and conversations with experienced technical officials, each hour from 10h00 CET on Sunday 26 July. Each item is public and no prior registration is necessary.

The first two summits, which took place in May and June, were focused on athletes and tournaments. The last, scheduled for August, is for coaches.

Schedule – 26 July

10h00 – The pinnacle of the position

A one-on-one interview with Derrick Lovell, who was head judge at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and served as an international judge for over 30 years.

Available to watch on YouTube.

11h00 – Roundtable: Do judges need to get younger?

A discussion with international technical officials Graham Potts, Pecilius Tan and Guille Garcia on why, how and if the sport needs more young people to take up judging.

Available to watch on YouTube.

12h00 – What makes a good judge?

Sergio Font explores the qualities and values that a good judge needs.

Available to watch on YouTube.

13h00 – The major changes: Competition formats through the years

A timeline of some of the biggest rule changes in the sport since World Archery, then FITA, was founded back in 1931.

Available to read on www.worldarchery.org.

14h00 – Should judges be paid?

A discussion with Bob Pian, Thomas Aubert and Naomi Folkard on whether the ongoing professionalisation of archery means that judges should be paid.

Available to watch on YouTube and Facebook.

15h00 – Getting the most out of Ianseo as a judge

Andrea Gabardi explains how judges can use Ianseo to make their job easier.

Available to watch on YouTube.

16h00 – Improving your judging

Graham Potts breaks down continued judging development into four pillars: study, practice, evaluation and contribution.

Available to watch on YouTube.

Future summits

Daily schedules will be released during the week before each summit.

  • Coaches: 30 August 2020

The Summer Summits are a programme of educational days for the archery community.