The 10 best archery matches of 2021

This international season in 2021 was a grand return to the competition field following a long hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. All elite competition was cancelled in 2020.

But the much-awaited comeback did not disappoint.

The world’s best archers produced some phenomenal matches during this past outdoor season. We’ve picked out our top 10.

Disclaimer: This list does not include matches from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. (We don’t have the rights.)

10. Gellenthien versus Marcos

Tanja Gellenthien’s been knocking on the door for a very, very long time. She finally collected some major wins in 2021, even ascending to the top spot in the world rankings for a short while. Lausanne brought her first big victory.

9. Netherlands versus Turkey

What a finish!

8. Vennam versus Mlinaric

Before 2021, no woman had ever shot a perfect 150-point match in an arena in front of the cameras. It finally happened this year at the world championships – twice even – and one of this pair has gone down in history!

7. Lopez versus Usquiano

Down but never out, Sara Lopez has long since passed the need to prove she’s the best in the world. This match with her Colombian teammate Alejandra Usquiano went down to the wire.

6. An versus Kaufhold

The Olympic Champion (and triple gold medallist at Tokyo 2020) only lost one international match in 2021.

5. Schaff versus Schloesser

Guatemala marked a return to international competition after the pandemic hiatus. After nearly 18 months without elite tournaments, how would contenders before the break fare, back in the spotlight?

4. Williams versus Ellison

Nobody predicted this ending to the season.

3. Mexico versus Indonesia

A team ticket to the Olympic Games on the line – and just a set point away from being eliminated. Mexico’s Aida Roman, Alejandra Valencia and Ana Vazquez had to dig seriously deep to avoid a disaster in this one.

2. Brown versus Kumari

A ticket to the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final, from the season opener, decided in a single-arrow shoot-off, between India’s greatest recurve archer and the always-threatening Mackenzie Brown.

1. Lopez versus Ellison

Sara Lopez makes this list twice. Having just won her first world championships, the best compound woman of all time entered the arena to shoot for a record sixth Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion trophy. But, after a slow start, things weren’t looking positive for the talented Colombian archer…

That’s our number one match of 2021!

Which was your favourite?