First post-pandemic judging seminar runs in Colombia

The 2022 World Archery International Judge Candidates' Seminar in Colombia

The first international judge candidates’ seminar since 2018 has taken place in Colombia.

As well as continental judges looking to upgrade to world-level events, the three-day programme was also open to youth international judges for the first time since the World Archery executive board approved a shortened pathway aimed at getting younger officials on the circuit.

Medellin hosted the packed three-day programme on 8-10 April.

Presentations and discussions prepared candidates for a practical session and exam on the last day, which 18 participants from 12 countries passed. They can now be assigned to events and, should they display the required standard, will soon become fully accredited international judges.

World Archery judge committee chair Sergio Font, plus members Indranil Datta and Robert Erica, as well as international judge and classifier Megan Tierney led the seminar, while judges Roy Cortes and Bob Pian (who recently retired) assisted with the practical sessions.

“We had many new things for 2022,” said Font, who is also secretary general of World Archery Americas.

“It was mandatory to pass e-learning modules before arrival, we introduced sessions with para archers and a classifier, and went deeper into practical procedures these judges will need to use on the job. There was also more focus on field and 3D archery, including in the final exam.”

Niels Buitenhuis, from the Netherlands, was one of the 18 successful participants and a youth judge taking the new fast pathway to full international accreditation.

“It’s a very unique feeling you get after an event is finished. You look back on it, realise how well it went and know that you and your team contributed,” said the 26-year-old. “I also get to travel to places I would probably never come, meet new people and experience new cultures.”

World Archery appoints technical officials to judge at world championships, tournaments on the Hyundai Archery World Cup and Indoor Archery World Series circuits, and international multisport events like the World Games and the Olympics.

New international judge candidates

The following 18 people have been accredited as international judge candidates.

  • Ana de Mesquita, Brazil
  • Erick Leite, Brazil
  • Eric Fok, Canada
  • Michael Oneschuk, Canada
  • Natalia Londono, Colombia
  • Fatima Abullarade, El Salvador
  • Taavo Allik, Estonia
  • Lee Miller, Great Britain
  • Shannon Russell-Cowan, Great Britain
  • Victoria Duncan, Great Britain
  • Yasuhiro Shiwaku, Japan
  • Choi Kyunghwan, Korea
  • Alma Rosa Pineiro, Mexico
  • Niels Buitenhuis, Netherlands
  • Logan Ross Andrew, New Zealand
  • Andrew Neville, USA
  • Curtis Balusek, USA
  • Jennifer Laux, USA