World Archery runs educational programmes for international judges and coaches.

Judges must have a current international accreditation to officiate at major events, including world championships in all disciplines of archery and stages of the Hyundai Archery World Cup.

Coaches are integral to teaching archery in a fun, engaging and safe environment. World Archery runs coaching programmes that teach coaches from beginner to elite levels, as well as training educators to run coaching courses.

World Archery also offers badge reward programmes for beginner and elite athletes.  The badges recognise progress in the sport, highlighting advances in ability and recognising score achievements in competition.

The beginner awards programme is open to all archers, and badges can be purchased in the online shop. The performance awards programme is administered by national archery federations.

There are more than 30 badges to collect in total.

Coaching certification

World Archery runs a programme of coaching courses and coach trainer courses that give coaches from beginner to elite levels the technical knowledge and educational expertise to teach archery in a fun, engaging and safe environment while helping archers reach their competitive potential.

Courses are run in the World Archery Excellence Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland, other regional development hubs and at national and regional venues on request.

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Judge accreditation

World Archery educates and accredits international judges to officiate at its international events, implementing the latest version of the World Archery Rulebook and ensuring a fair and level competition field. Judges must serve as international candidates and pass an exam before being fully certified.

Continental and national archery federations are responsible for accrediting continental and national judges.

The list of judges appointed to officiate at international events is published publically each year.

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Beginner and performance awards

World Archery offers badge reward programmes for beginner and elite athletes.

Award badges for the beginner programme are earned by achieving milestones in score, skills and archery knowledge. Award badges for the performance programme are earned by achieving scores on standard competition rounds in registered competition.

Badges for both programmes are available to buy through World Archery’s online shop; however, performance award badges can only be purchased by national archery federations, which administer the programme within their own countries.

There are seven badges to collect in the beginner programme and 18 in the performance programme, plus specific badges for the under-18 (cadet) and over-50 (master) age groups.

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Athlete 365 learning

The International Olympic Committee offers several free educational products through its Athlete 365 platform for international sportspeople.

Featured course subjects include:

  • Career transition – preparing for future success
  • Professional sport management
  • Sponsorship – supporting your career

The Athlete 365 Career+ programme, which was developed in cooperation with Adecco, supports elites as they transition to a career after sports. It has three key pillars: education, employment and life skills.