Athletes, officials and other participants in World Archery events – which include but are not limited to those that contribute to the world ranking – are strictly prohibited from betting on the sport.

They must also not engage in competition manipulation – which includes matchfixing and tankingcorrupt conduct, the disclosure of insider information, or hide or fail to report suspicious activity related to betting, all of which are defined as violations of World Archery’s Betting and Anti-Corruption Rules.

The board of justice and ethics is responsible for issuing sanctions for persons proven to have broken the rules. The maximum sanction is expulsion from the sport.

World Archery works with its betting industry partner to effectively monitor markets for suspicious betting activity during its events and runs integrity workshops for international athletes starting with the Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit in 2024.

Reports of corrupt conduct can be submitted through the International Olympic Committee’s integrity hotline.

Athlete guidelines

Any attempt to bet on an event, induce someone else to place a bet on your behalf or share privileged insider information, such as injury or form information that is not in the public domain, is strictly prohibited.

This includes events in which you are participating, other archery events or any sport at a multisport event that includes archery.

Any attempt to control the outcome of a competition – including by improperly changing the results or tanking (deliberately losing) – or alter the natural course of a sporting event, or any part of it, is considered competition manipulation and strictly prohibited.

More advice on betting for athletes is available from Athlete365

These guidelines extend to coaches, support staff, event organisers, officials and any other person closely involved in the sport.