35 judges attend international conference in Bangkok

A total of 35 international judges representing 16 countries attended the 2017 World Archery Judge Conference on 4/5 November in Bangkok, Thailand.

Workshops at the event covered new rules coming into effect on 1 April 2018 following World Archery Congress in Mexico City, case studies based on real-world situations and focused a session on para archery.

Attendees were required to sit a pair of tests to assess their up-to-date knowledge of rules and implementations.

“As the competitive level of athletes and organisational level of events have increased over recent years, so has the level of those officiating,” said World Archery judge committee chair Morten Wilmann.

“These conferences maintain open communication among the community of international judges and ensure that learning from tournaments around the globe is shared effectively.”

Attending conferences is a requirement for international judges to retain their accreditation.

The next World Archery Judge Conference is scheduled to be held in Lausanne in 2018.