Statement on banning of LeoLeo products at World Archery events

Archery products produced by and persons representing the company LeoLeo, also known as Well Grand Pacific, are banned from all World Archery events with the company being considered a persona non grata, without exception and until further notice.

The decision comes as part of World Archery’s commitment to fight counterfeiting and is in-line with the decision from the board of the Archery Trade Association dated July 2017 to banish any manufacturer caught copying products or stealing intellectual property.

In addition to alleged counterfeiting, there is evidence that the aforementioned company attempted to impersonate officials from World Archery with a fake email account (

World Archery produces footage and images from its international tournaments, which are distributed to news outlets, television stations and published via articles to promote and grow the sport of archery.

This content is also made available for commercial use by companies if that company is part of World Archery’s industry sponsorship programme.

Funds raised by this programme are invested back into the sport.

Any company that is not an associate member of World Archery but is using official content produced by the federation is in breach of copyright. To avoid receiving a copyright release purchase notice, such companies are encouraged to contact the World Archery office without delay.

Athletes and attendees at World Archery events are encouraged to continue taking photographs and videos for personal and non-commercial purposes.