Excellence Centre hosts combined international and youth judge seminar

The World Archery Excellence Centre hosts its first combined international judge and youth judge seminar on 28-30 September 2018, with 33 officials from Asia, Oceania, Europe and the Americas in attendance.

Led by judge committee members Sabrina Steffens and Robert Erica, and supported by international judge and Rio 2016 Olympic Games technical official chair Graham Potts, the course focused on case studies from recent international events.

At the end of the seminar, the following 10 new youth judges and 15 international judge candidates were accredited after successfully passing the relevant examinations.

Youth judges

  • Oda Beer-Molslett, Norway
  • Arata Amamiya, Japan
  • Irati Zurbano, Spain
  • Nanaka Matsuyama, Japan
  • Niels Buitenhuis, Netherlands
  • Taavo Allik, Estonia
  • Zahra Fahim, Iran
  • Logan Andrew, New Zealand
  • Ana Luiza De Mesquita Souza, Brazil
  • Shannon Russel-Cowan, Great Britain

International judge candidates

  • Liz del Carmen Perez Ortiz, Mexico
  • Marleen Kroeders, Netherlands
  • Christina Tifidou, Greece
  • Nasrin Gashghaei, Iran
  • Barry Brophy, Ireland
  • Nataliya Rodionova, Ukraine
  • Christoph Schillinger, Austria
  • Pyry Ekholm, Finland
  • Rolf Volungholen, Sweden
  • Niko Ylipelkonen, Finland
  • Robert Potts, Great Britain
  • Aslihan Unsal, Turkey
  • Anthony Hillairet, France
  • Bettina Kratzmuller, Austria
  • Helmut Poll, Austria