President Erdener calls 2019 Congress a success as session closes in ’s-Hertogenbosch

The second day of the 53rd World Archery Congress consisted of elections, the presentation of awards and updates from major events, including the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Mario Scarzella was re-elected first vice president of World Archery, while Jörg Brokamp was made a vice president.

Eva Thesen and Kotaro Hata, whose previous terms had come to an end, and Jean-Michel Cleroy and Zheng Lixun were elected to the board by delegates.

Gao Zhidan was made an honorary member as his fourth term came to an end. He has been a member of the board since 2003 – and is China’s deputy sports minister and vice president of the Chinese National Olympic Committee.

Outgoing officials Carole Hicks, Philippe Bouclet and Viktoriya Koval were also recognised.

Guo Bei received the World Archery women’s award for 2019, for her long promotion of archery in China, her support and work on the Shanghai stage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup and her current role as technical delegate for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The USA was presented with the member association’s women’s award, recognising high participation of female athletes.

Korea collected nations award for the third consecutive year in 2018. It ranks national teams on the total points accrued across all categories on the Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit.

The 53rd World Archery Congress was held in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands on 1-2 June ahead of the 2019 World Archery Para Championships and Hyundai World Archery Championships.

World Archery President Prof Dr Ugur Erdener has praised the collaborative attitude and harmonious approach of delegates.

“I’m really happy to be part of this positive archery family and that we have had such a successful congress,” he said. “We have accepted some important motions, including the governance motion which was passed unanimously, and I look forward to working with the newly elected officers to keep developing our wonderful sport.”

Motions for changes to the constitution and rules were voted on during the first day of proceedings, leaving the second for elections, future event presentations and workshops.

Election results

Elections took place for the World Archery Executive Board, the board of justice and ethics, and eight committees. Persons elected for four-year terms serve until World Archery Congress in 2023, for two-year terms until congress in 2021. Committee chairs are yet to be appointed.

Executive board

  • First vice president (four-year term): Mario Scarzella, Italy
  • Vice president (four-year term): Jörg Brokamp, Germany
  • Member (four-year term): Eva Thesen, Norway; Jean-Michel Cleroy, France; Kotaro Hata, Japan; Zheng Lixun, China

Board of justice and ethics

  • Member (two-year term): Ahmed Roushdy, Egypt; Martin Swanson, USA; Lee Dongmin, Korea; Guillermina Garcia Avila, Mexico; Jaan Lott, Estonia

Following a motion passed on the first day of congress, independent members will be added to this board in 2021 – hence the term of elected members being limited to two years.

Constitution and rules committee

  • Member (four-year term): Mark Miller, USA; Derrick Lovell, Great Britain; Edith Salter, France
  • Member (two-year term): Alexandre Vecchio, Brazil; Li Xinping, China

Technical committee

  • Member (four-year term): Susanne Womersley, Australia; Chiu Ping-Kun, Chinese Taipei

Target archery committee

  • Member (four-year term): Olivier Grillat, France; Qu Yinan, China

Field and 3D archery committee

  • Member (four-year term): Hannah Brown, Great Britain; Michel Daumas, France; Kristina Anna Reitmeier, Czech Republic
  • Member (two-year term): Wang Dawei, China; Tyler Moore, Canada

Judges committee

  • Member (four-year term): Sergio Font, Cuba; Robert Erica, Netherlands; Sabrina Steffens, Germany
  • Member (two-year term): Graham Potts, Great Britain; Indranil Datta, India

Medical and sport science committee

  • Member (four-year term): Fiammetta Scarzella, Italy; Meriem Hamrouche, Algeria

Coaches committee

  • Member (four-year term): Goktug Ergin, Turkey; Kisik Lee, USA; Marcel van Apeldoorn, Netherlands
  • Member (two-year term): Hana Majarova, Czech Republic; Oh Kyo Moon, Korea

Para archery committee

  • Member (four-year term): Park Youngsook, Korea; Pippa Britton, Great Britain

Nations award 2018

Presented to the national team that accrues the most points across all categories on the Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit.

  • 1. Korea 797 points
  • 2. Chinese Taipei  557 points
  • 3. USA 490 points

Member association award for women

Presented to the national team with the most female athletes participating at international events.

  • 1. USA  65 athletes
  • 2. India  59 athletes
  • =3. Russia 56 athletes
  • =3. Chinese Taipei  56 athletes

The 53rd World Archery Congress takes place on 1-2 June 2019 ahead of the World Archery Para Championships and Hyundai World Archery Championships in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.