Sudan’s Amiry elected president of World Archery Africa

Delegates at World Archery Africa’s assembly in 2021.

Ahmed Tarik Amiry of Sudan was elected president of World Archery Africa for a three-year term during an exceptional assembly held online on Friday 17 December.

He takes over from Egypt’s Aladin Gabr, who had held the position since 2010.

“We are one family in archery in Africa,” said Amiry to the assembly delegates. “We should cooperate together and work together to grow together. Thank you for your confidence in me.”

Amiry received 18 votes to eight cast for Côte d’Ivoire’s Mi-Carême Moïse Essis in the presidential election.

Mohamed Charif (Morocco) and Al Yousouf Bayjou (Mauritius) were chosen as vice presidents, Bayjou also being elected as first vice president.

Barbara Manning (South Africa), Tbassum Anwar (Kenya) and Karim Farahat (Libya) joined the council as members, the latter on a single-year term to fill a vacated position.

World Archery Africa was given a deadline of the end of 2021 to hold elections by World Archery’s executive board.

The exceptional assembly was held online and observed by officials from World Archery. Voting delegates from 27 of the continental federation’s 33 active members were in attendance.

World Archery Africa council (2021-2022)

  • Ahmed Tarik Amiry, Sudan (president, 2024)
  • Al-Yousouf Bayjou, Mauritius (first vice president east, 2024)
  • Mohamed Charif, Morrocco (vice president north, 2024)
  • Mi-Carême Moïse Essis, Côte d’Ivoire (vice president west, 2022)
  • Heidi Reddig, Namibia (vice president south, 2022)
  • Abdullahi Mohammed Baba, Nigeria (2022)
  • Jean Beya Wa Kabenga, Democratic Republic of the Congo (2022)
  • Barbara Manning, South Africa (2024)
  • Tabassum Anwar, Kenya (2024)
  • Karim Farahat, Libya (2022)
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