“World Archery Africa” name officialised at continental congress in Pretoria

Delegates at World Archery Africa Congress in 2022.

The Federation of African Archery has officially changed its name to World Archery Africa during its congress today in Pretoria, South Africa.

While it was already using the new name in its logo, federation branding and promotion of events, it had not been altered in the continental association’s constitution. 

The name of the governing council was also changed to “executive board”, in line with World Archery convention.

Further alterations to the constitution included the adoption of good governance policies - including on conflicts of interest, anti-discrimination, international control and safeguarding – and the adoption of weighted voting.

Also introduced by World Archery in 2021, weighted voting rewards active federations during votes at congress. African federations now receive one vote as a member, one vote if they have hosted a registered event in the last year, and one vote if they have participated in an African championship or African Games in the two preceding years. 

A motion to institute a membership fee of 300 USD per year passed.

Delegates representing 16 member associations attended the congress with a further five issuing proxies.

There were elections for several executive board positions.

Incumbent council members Barbara Manning (South Africa) and Abdullahi Mohammed Baba (Nigeria) were appointed vice presidents of the organisation until 2026.

Four new members were elected to the newly-named executive board: Abderrezak Lazreg (Algeria), Ahmed Sameh (Egypt), Karim Farahat (Libya) and Iona Bartosz (Zimbabwe). The latter will serve two years rather than four.

The congress took place ahead of the African Championships, which start on Sunday in Pretoria.

Included in the judge commission for the event are eight new African continental judges, who were accredited at a seminar held this week in South Africa.

World Archery Africa executive board (2022-2024)

  • Ahmed Tarik Amiry, Sudan (president, 2024)
  • Al-Yousouf Bayjou, Mauritius (first vice president east, 2024)
  • Mohamed Charif, Morrocco (vice president north, 2024)
  • Abdullahi Mohammed Baba, Nigeria (vice president west, 2026)
  • Barbara Manning, South Africa (vice president south, 2026)
  • Tabassum Anwar, Kenya (2024)
  • Abderrezak Lazreg, Algeria (2026)
  • Ahmed Sameh, Egypt (2026)
  • Karim Farahat, Libya (2026)
  • Iona Bartosz, Zimbabwe (2024)
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