60 seconds with… Jessica Stretton

This week, it’s… Jessica Stretton, a young lady who led an historic British clean sweep of archery medals at the Paralympic Games in Rio.

Born with cerebral palsy, GB’s Jess started archery through a Wheelpower Junior Games camp she attended in 2012 and now juggles sporting aspirations with her studies.

She claimed her first ever archery gold medal at her first international, aged 14, at the IWAS World Junior Games in Stoke Mandeville in August 2014.

Since then, she has climbed the podium at every international tournament in which she’s competed...

Jess started 2016 on a high by setting a new world record at the Fazza International Para Championships in Dubai.

Entering the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, she was top of the para world ranking in the new women’s W1 division, and at 16, was the youngest para archer on the field. She left Rio with gold.

1. What was your favourite toy as a kid?

Bethy Bear, a white/grey coloured teddy bear.

2. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

Refill anything.

3. What is your biggest strength in archery?

My ability to remain calm.

4. Who is your sport model?

John Stubbs.

5. If you were to design your own bow, what would you call it?

I came up with Winchester X.

Chatting with my sister, I remembered she likes the show Supernatural with the Winchester family of supernatural hunters. So I took the surname and then added on X because everyone aims for the X on the target.

6. How much weight on your stabilisers?

2oz at front, 4oz at back.

7. Any equipment you change in the wind and/or rain?


8. What did you enjoy most in Rio?

Being in the village environment.

9. Do you have a special dream?

A perfect 720 score (in qualification).

10. Will you use fat or thin arrows for indoors?

Easton X7 2315s