60 seconds with… Christine Bjerendal

This week, it’s… two-time Olympian Christine Bjerendal.

She finished 33rd in London and 17th in Rio. Christine's father, Goran, and uncle, Gert, were also Olympic archers. Bjerendal shoots with an unconventional style, taken from barebow technique, where she puts all three of her fingers underneath the arrow on the string.

1. What was your favourite toy as a kid?

The first toy that crosses my mind is my doll named Oscar.

Honestly I think that Oscar was a girl doll, but I wanted it to be a boy.

2. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

I would choose teleportation. That would save a lot of time for me!

3. What is your biggest strength in archery?

I think that my strongest part in archery is the mental part. 

I believe that I know myself so well that I know how to tackle good and bad pressure. I can tag a little extra when it's needed and find the right mode in different situation.

4. Who is your sport model?

I always have looked up to my father, Göran Bjerendal.

But it would be an honour to meet Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Image: With her father at the field world championships 2010 were she won gold. Image courtesy Christine Bjerendal.

5. If you were to design your own bow, what would you call it?

I have one name, but I would rather keep it to myself…

6. How much weight on your stabilisers?

I have 3 oz on every stabiliser.

7. Any equipment you change in the wind and/or rain?

No, I don’t change on my equipment. 

8. What did you enjoy most in Rio?

I enjoyed the Swedish Olympic team, the view from the competition field was nice and I loved competing with all the nerves, people and doing something I enjoy (archery).

9. Do you have a special dream?

I have many dreams, one of them is to hold my gold medal at the Olympics!

10. Will you use fat or thin arrows for indoors?

I am still shooting with my X10s, we will see what I change to, if I change.