60 seconds with… Robin Ramaekers

This week, it’s… 22-year-old Robin Ramaekers

A youth world champion in 2013, in Wuxi, China, he was Belgium’s first archery Olympian since 2000.

Robin won European team bronze with Nico Thiry and Ben Adriaensen at Nottingham 2016.

The sixteenth team after the ranking round - and lowest seed entering elimination - Belgium first defeated top seed Netherlands in a shoot-off.

They later overcame another tie-break against Spain for bronze.

1. What was your favourite toy as a kid?

I don't know… I played with a variety of toys and I didn't have a favourite one. 

2. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

The ability to fly fast!

No more long trips in the plane, no traffic jam…

3. What is your biggest strength in archery?

I am a very calm person and I don't feel stress fast.

I think this is a huge advantage in archery, because there is no room for error and even in stressful situations you need to put your arrow in the middle.

4. Who is your sport model?

Muhammad Ali.

5. How much weight on your stabilisers?

18 ounces in front and 5 on each side rod.

6. Any equipment you change in the wind and/or rain?

Nothing, just a rain jacket.

7. What did you enjoy most in Rio?

The possibility to meet other people who are great in their sports.

8. Do you have a special dream?

A medal at the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo.

9. Will you use fat or thin arrows for indoors?

Just my normal X10 arrows which I use in outdoor as well.