60 seconds with… Marcus D’Almeida

This week, it’s… Marcus D'Almeida. At just 18 years of age, the Carioca made his Olympic debut at the Rio Games – in his home city – losing to team silver medallist Jake Kaminski in the first round.

Marcus was the first Brazilian archer to win a medal at an Olympic event in 2014, when he took silver at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, and became the poster boy for archery in the country in the lead-up to the Games.

In 2014, he also became the youngest athlete in history to qualify for the Archery World Cup Final, at 16, where he finished second.

D'Almeida is a reigning World Archery Youth Champion in the cadet division.

1. What was your favourite toy as a kid?

My bike.

2. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

Be invisible.

3. What is your biggest strength in archery?

Remain calm.

4. Who is your sport model?

Ayrton Senna.

5. How much weight on your stabilisers?

I’m not sure, close to 1kg.

6. Any equipment you change in the wind and/or rain?

No change.

7. What did you enjoy most in Rio?

The natural beauty.

8. Do you have a special dream?

Learn as much as I can of my sport.

9. Will you use fat or thin arrows for indoors?

The same as I have all year.